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Minecraft Adventure Maps

Adventure maps can be a little bit of everything in terms of mechanics. They usually contain a story for you to follow as well.


Dead Woken Up: Episode 1  

Normal life, isn't it? A nice town, nice friends, nice job and overall, nice life. But that's all taken away by the rotten flesh. In this 3-part choice based series, you're innocence will change...

Creator: Enchanted_Tiger2 MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2019-03-02 Downloads: 2,896
(68 votes)
Comments: 37

Future Memories: Part 1  

You must find your way through your memories, and realize reality. 

Creator: TurtleFromUSSR MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2019-02-25 Downloads: 1,986
(93 votes)
Comments: 14

The Dwarven Kingdoms: Part 1  

A tale of war and betrayal, a tale of sorrow and fear, a tale of the Dwarven Kingdoms.

Creator: Nick Nui MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2019-02-22 Downloads: 3,664
(65 votes)
Comments: 28

The Legend of Willow Valley  

The Legend of Willow Valley is a fully voiced adventure map... Follow an immersive story through a highly detailed world..

Creator: Mick_5 external MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2019-02-16 Downloads: 35,611
(245 votes)
Comments: 157

Annoying Ghosts  

Ever since I was but a little boy, becoming a ghost-hunter was my grandest aspiration. All I could ever think about day and night was about the pleasurable experience of sucking up ghosts as they screeched in agony - it truly was a wonderful thought.

Creator: ElectroBleach MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2019-02-16 Downloads: 9,419
(120 votes)
Comments: 32

Power Chestplates  

Explore 4 different Realms and craft an unique Power Chestplate in each one. Are you up for the challenge?

Creator: SimonDMCPlayer MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2019-02-15 Downloads: 5,298
(50 votes)
Comments: 10

Valentine Surgery  

The Valentines Bus has crashed! Can you save Cupid, the Goddess of Love & the Valentines Cat?

Creator: Vertex Creations MC Version: 1.12.2
Date Added: 2019-01-29 Downloads: 3,117
(118 votes)
Comments: 12

Totality  updatepic

Build your way to victory with an infinite supply of holoblocks as you explore Sol Corp City and unravel its dark and mysterious past...

Creator: Cold Fusion MC Version: 1.14
Date Added: 2019-01-18 Downloads: 18,014
(271 votes)
Comments: 69


Invaders from another world attack without warning, unleashing a new type of threat: weapons known as “machine lifeforms.” In the face of this insurmountable threat, mankind is driven from Earth and takes refuge on the Moon.

Creator: Godlander MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2019-01-15 Downloads: 5,472
(108 votes)
Comments: 30

Wut? 2: The Other One  

After moving to the city, you get a new job at happiness inc. Its not what you expect.

Creator: Enderboy809 MC Version: 1.12.2
Date Added: 2019-01-04 Downloads: 4,659
(140 votes)
Comments: 17

Hold the Ground  

Explore the mountains of Mount Mecadon, the beautiful mountains blinded the people of how ugly are the things that are going on underneath their noses. Hold the Ground is a PvE adventure map, based on a horror story. this is an old school vanilla experience.

Creator: JakePool MC Version: 1.12.2
Date Added: 2018-12-26 Downloads: 4,017
(113 votes)
Comments: 4

Mission Cold  

A massive storm has left cities in ruin and is heading straight towards the most important man on the earth. Your task is to save him from impending doom- in style.

Creator: Team Blocksanity MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2018-12-25 Downloads: 6,462
(106 votes)
Comments: 10

No Man's Space  updatepic

A Galactic Government vessel transporting a bioweapon of mass destruction has gone missing! Armed with your blaster and your wits, you must board the lost vessel and find out what happened, and survive ...

Creator: CreeperLadMC MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2018-12-24 Downloads: 9,915
(152 votes)
Comments: 29

Monster of the Deep  

Monster of the Deep is a medium sized adventure map. You are the captain of a submarine exploring the deep ocean. You see something on the radar coming towards you and you begin to experience problems.

Creator: Baricza MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2018-12-21 Downloads: 5,571
(143 votes)
Comments: 15

A Lonely Mansion  

While you were driving a car hit a stone in the road, causing your car too swerve off into a side road! Your car had slid through the mud and right into a big iron gate. You could easily see what needed to be fixed. And so, that is where the story shall begin!

Creator: SirWilius MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2018-12-20 Downloads: 6,673
(104 votes)
Comments: 26
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