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Vault 2568

Created by Chris Deltsios

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[???] A Vault...Just a vault...what could that mean...

[Bob] It means that you have to go through challenges to get out of this hell...

[Creator] For shake...cant i do a dramatic opening for once?...Anyways

Hello everyone! My name is Chris, I'm the creator of this map. the main point is that you are a "prisoner" in a weird vault...With crazy companions, enemies, teleportation...and other stuff.

To get out of this weird prison you have to progress through levels with unique challenges.

So I hope you have fun and enjoy the map, also this is the first part, there will be more 2-3-4 more parts coming out soon.

Have A Good Testing Time!


Map Details

Creator: Chris Deltsios
(88 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.1
Size: 1.4 MB
Added: 2018-10-26
Downloads: 7,639
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Epic_Creeper26 Is Part 2 out yet?

2019-06-04 01:19

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0 Slothnoblade Quoting Chris:
A patch for the teleport from hell parkour to the maze not working is gonna be released soon.Thanks for notifying me about that glitch's existence :D

It's just the command block has a specific player name in it TRCE2007 or something, all you need to do to fix it is change that command block to say@a instead.

2018-12-24 15:00

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+1 person i cant solve the piston puzzle help please?

2018-12-17 05:29

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0 NakkiPlayzMC a good map is the part 2 released yet I can't find it?

2018-11-21 15:12

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+2 Chris Part 2 Coming Soon!

2018-10-29 12:09

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+2 Chris A patch for the teleport from hell parkour to the maze not working is gonna be released soon.Thanks for notifying me about that glitch's existence :D

2018-10-29 12:06

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+8 aliansyah can it played 2 players?

2018-10-29 06:01

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+1 cold2d Incase anyone is stuck! code for the maze!
/tp @p -244.700 4 -165.300


2018-10-29 02:24

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+1 DKrazy That ending do... it was so... so... deep.

2018-10-28 14:20

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0 Robotics5 I really enjoyed the map, especially the ending (as well as the music at the end). I'm looking forwards to the sequel!

2018-10-28 00:25

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+1 Robotics5 There is a bug in the map. After the lava test, the player isn't teleported. I checked your command blocks and it's because the teleport command doesn't target the player, it specifically targets the name of the map creator.

2018-10-28 00:13

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0 CinnyRekt on the level with the fire and lava and billy you have the button set to TP yourself instead of @p so it doesnt teleport me. command block needs fixing

2018-10-27 20:21

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+1 minecaftakiva yo. when you're supposed to tp to the maze, you set the block to tp your username (not the players) to the maze. Please fix it. It would deffently help.

2018-10-27 19:48

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-5 minecaftakiva I wasn't teleported into the maze

2018-10-27 19:14

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+1 Chris WOW 176 Map downloads I really cant believe that my first map got all those downloads in 3 days.
You are all awsome guys thanks for playing my map :D

2018-10-27 09:25

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+4 Nazskull Cool map =) there is just the /tp to the maze that I have to fix xD

2018-10-27 09:04

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+3 CrazyCowMM Just so anyone playing this map knows, there is an incorrect tp command after the lava parkour. If you want to continue playing you can either find the command and copy the coordinates for simply go into gm 1/3 and fly to the big stripped bark thing.

2018-10-27 05:04

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