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Toad's Task

Created by LetzTaco

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Map Info

Toad's Task is a short, fun, unique Mario styled adventure map. Contains easy puzzles, unique items with special abilities, boss battles, and much more!

Toad needs your help! He's sprained his ankle and cannot move unless you travel back to his house and get him his supplies that he had forgotten. Encounter many obstacles on your way to and from Toad's house, such as puzzles, Dino Rhinos, Piranha Plant, and more! Collect unique items with special abilities to help solve puzzles and get through areas.

Note: Right click a Toad to talk to him.


  • Custom resourcepack (Comes with world download)
  • Multiplayer supported (Click here to download resourcepack)
  • Interactive dialogue
  • 5-20 minutes of gameplay (No less)
  • 1 boss battle
  • Easy puzzles
  • Unique items with special abilities

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Need help? A video walkthrough for this map can be found here.

Creator Info

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Map Details

Creator: LetzTaco
(430 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 9.09 MB
Added: 2016-09-05
Downloads: 12,478
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Yolwoocle Good map, but the fact that you have to REDOWNLOAD THE WHOLE MAP just because you ran out of lives is just frustating.

2019-06-21 18:56

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+2 ThaDaddie&ThaTweetie LetzTaco!!! Great map. This is awesome and we definitely hope there's more Mario inspired maps to come in the future from you. Great great job!

Check out our Let's Play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaxsJ4YLhuE

- ThaDaddie&ThaTw eetie

2017-06-07 22:19

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+1 Hairychronicjr. Wonderfully made map and the texture pack was fantastic, the only thing I can say I don't like is the lives system. Maybe I'm just a noob but I had so many issues defeating the mobs, and I just kept having to start over once all my lives were gone. Wish I could have finished it, but what I saw was pretty good

2016-10-20 23:46

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+2 Blade Quoting TimothyJackMan:
If you lose all 5 lives you have to RE-DOWNLOAD THE MAP! WHYYYYYYYY?

Just Make a Backup of the Map before you Start it

2016-10-13 23:34

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+2 ktmh96 Here's my video playing the map xD https://youtu.be/7D-J9OzsEUQ

2016-09-30 20:47

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0 TimothyJackMan If you lose all 5 lives you have to RE-DOWNLOAD THE MAP! WHYYYYYYYY?

2016-09-30 14:22

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+1 Raven Your Mario map is so amazing in minecraft ,make more map pls.

2016-09-27 09:39

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+1 NinjaMaster909 For everyone complaining that they can't jump, that's 100% intentional. You're not supposed to jump until later in the map. Just remember that if you for some reason can't jump in a map, that's most likely intentional, seeing that it's pretty hard to accidentally make the player not jump.

2016-09-22 02:18

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+1 Hawthorn_05 This was GREAT map so is this a demo or are you planning to do a full map of this please let me know because it's a awesome map :)

2016-09-21 03:06

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+2 Red_King_Cyclops I'm not the map maker, but I can still answer a couple questions.

Quoting Macavery:
It doesn't let me jump?!?!

That is totally intentional. You will eventually earn the ability to jump as you progress through the map. Don't worry, the map isn't very long.

Quoting paka 44:
it doesn't work when i click the yellow toad.. help

My guess is that you must have left-clicked the yellow toad. You should have right-clicked it. Remember this quote?: "Note: Right click a Toad to talk to him." If that doesn't work, I don't know why you can't start the map.

2016-09-17 17:38

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+1 Space Moose Quoting Macavery:
It doesn't let me jump?!?!

same D:

2016-09-17 13:33

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+1 paka 44 it doesn't work when i click the yellow toad.. help

2016-09-15 16:43

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+1 Macavery It doesn't let me jump?!?!

2016-09-15 11:30

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+1 EvanStreblow Very nice! Short and simple, loved the texture pack + sounds. I found myself exploring in creative afterwards for a while. The different items were fun to use and wield. Keep up the good work!

2016-09-15 00:44

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+1 iPossum Hey there

We enjoyed your map - the idea was really cool (you should continue it, it would be awesome!!)
Play through on Youtube:

Possum :)

2016-09-10 18:27

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0 Qilt The map was ok until I ran out of lives because I and I had to redownload the map.

2016-09-10 13:51

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+2 NoahFinn05 Great map! kinda short but its amazing i cant imagine the effort and redstone i liked it just a little time to pass with the map awesomely amazing tex pack and in all it was great!

2016-09-10 01:23

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+1 BudderCat97 Good map I guess, would be better if all four worlds were included but, you got lazy

2016-09-08 22:50

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+4 firegod i cant jump

2016-09-08 21:06

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+1 Hadj1S Nice map! :)
+You don't have to download the Resource Pack
+Nice mechanics
-Small Map
-Not a lot of a Story like Witch Hunter

~RATE: 7/10

2016-09-08 12:48

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+1 TheBloxCraft https://youtu.be/EHJnFYlkmDU - Gameplay of map

2016-09-08 02:39

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+2 rotini123 I am not able to jump in the map!?

2016-09-07 22:39

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+1 LetzTaco Quoting NinjaMaster909:
This was good! It's rare to see a good Mario themed adventure map! I'm hoping you make sequels to this map, like the adventure of going on the road to Bowser's Castle and saving Peach from him.

I was thinking about making 4 different parts for 4 different worlds, with the 4th having the final boss battle in it.

2016-09-07 19:12

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+2 GolemKing Short but good :D

2016-09-07 15:20

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0 Soberse REALLY enjoyed playing this map! By time you see this my video I did on it should me LIVE! Make sure to check it out: https://youtu.be/Z3GA-FYaqWU

2016-09-07 14:23

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0 NinjaMaster909 This was good! It's rare to see a good Mario themed adventure map! I'm hoping you make sequels to this map, like the adventure of going on the road to Bowser's Castle and saving Peach from him.

2016-09-07 14:00

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+1 MLGamer13 The map is ok. The resource pack and mechanics are pretty good. But the map is just too short and I can't really find much of a story in it. I rate this 5/10.

2016-09-06 00:41

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