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The Enchantment

Created by Solad

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Map Info

The Enchantment is a Minecraft 1.13.2 adventure map created by Solad.

It is a very quick paced map and is interesting.

Taking almost over a week to build, Solad has spent countless hours creating this adventure map: The Enchantment for you!

System Requirements:

7+ Render Distance, 50-75% Brightness, and a GUI Scale set to Normal/2

Thank you for downloading my map! I hope you enjoy! :D



Map Details

Creator: Solad
(62 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 17.49 MB
Added: 2019-04-12
Downloads: 3,505
Category: Adventure Maps


-2 Tender_turtle723 the commands didn't work

2019-04-21 13:41

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-1 Adundance__ Enjoyed this one! Wish it was longer to better understand the story, but pretty good overall!

My playthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0By4XSonHU

2019-04-21 01:19

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-1 whatever this is broken i cant play propaly

2019-04-20 15:53

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0 danny this map is cheeks way too short and easy
left click simulator 2k19

2019-04-19 04:17

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-1 great map! good map! but when you get the chance to get a upgrade, can you make it so there is a button that starts the fight?

2019-04-18 15:41

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0 Doonu Hey what shaders you use?

2019-04-18 06:04

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-1 Cooler Nice

2019-04-18 01:55

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-1 UniSect Before you download the map, tell me it support cooperative gameplay?

2019-04-16 03:40

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-3 mussen13 not a good game at all

2019-04-15 14:16

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-1 Toastyboi I thought it was increbibly schort!, and the second fight wasn't really possible without dying twice (because of the thorns) and it was also incredibly buggy because he just stood still in the middle of lightning

2019-04-14 14:32

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0 KingCreeper75 The map is quite short and the story is uncoherent. It also has a 'bug' of sorts in which after the illusioner battle, the chest containing loot to beat '???' will teleport you after a timer. I had been reading the chat to see what was being said and only got to take out the sword, bow and book, then the objective book replaced my bow. Also, the boss battles are quite boring and just feel like I'm fighting a normal mob and the areas where you fight the bosses are quite small

2019-04-13 18:29

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0 w1nDrunn3r360 Overall, this was a great first map! It had some nice adventure elements, cutscenes and boss fights. I did have an issue with the checkpoint at the village(I was in the block), but I was able to easily get out. And it gets a 10/10. Good look with your second map!!

2019-04-13 15:01

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+2 Cyclopsealot Is it ok to make a video with this map

2019-04-13 13:52

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0 amit you have a problem in the map the map not start when i download the map.
The redston not work

2019-04-13 09:14

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