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Santa's Hat

Created by BhunaBoy

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When you wake up on Christmas night, Santa is missing and his hat is lying on your living room floor. Join a cast of animated and voiced characters on a journey to save Santa, journeying across time and space, discovering the origins of Santa and fighting a few naughty spirits on the way.

Made in conjunction with Hawkminer's 2016 Christmas challenge: https://www.youtube.com/user/Hawkminer

This map is for singleplayer only.


  • A cast of fun characters all voiced by various mapmaking personalitities,
  • Animated NPC's,
  • Custom Models,
  • Custom Resource Pack (Included).
  • Battles and Puzzles,
  • Immersive story,
  • You might just learn a bit about the origins of santa as well,


Map creator: BhunaBoy

Additional Help: Osiris 3


Girl- BakerBelle: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBakerbelle

Robot- QWertyioup the pie: https://www.youtube.com/user/Qwertyiopthepie

Lucy- Mistress_kahlan: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvHkFdlLWU8VHKS82Byf1Rw

Wizard- Unlikely Waffle: https://www.youtube.com/user/unlikelywaffle

Santa- Rsmalec: https://www.youtube.com/user/rsmalec


Made for Minecraft 1.11

Santa's Hat

Creator: BhunaBoy
Map Category: Adventure Maps
Map Version: 0.8
Minecraft Version: 1.11
File Size: 13 MB
Date Added: 2016-12-25
Downloads: 7,525


0 hi, Me! this map is kind of cool, i think this is the one, the one that i love, and this is my favourite. you, the creator, is a talented person and you are awesome! good job on your work and make more maps like this! once again, thanks to make this maps for everyone!

2017-02-18 07:03

0 Ixel Im at the part where it gives you paper wings and tells u to find st niklis but i cant find the church

2017-01-21 07:14

0 blazeminer4 great map make more please

2017-01-15 22:56

-1 Chocolover40 The game keeps crashing... maybe that's Mojang's fault, I don't know.

2017-01-15 22:48

0 Leedle_Face Could you send me the code you used for the wand I would like to PVP with it. :) also great map!! I had no problems!

2017-01-10 21:37

0 CrystalPony45 This game is Awesome!

2017-01-08 00:42

+4 Help Me I have no idea how to get into Saint Nick's church.

2017-01-02 02:40

0 two number 9s cant enter the second portal helps pls

2017-01-01 16:33

0 _Neqtral Truly a amazing map! Well done.
PS: I think the pictures make it look bad cuz its SO MUCH better than it looks!

2017-01-01 08:17

+1 AwesomeSuperGame That Blue Box Is Unclickable, Why

2016-12-31 06:29

+2 NatCat500 What am i supposed to do to unblock the other children's doors?

2016-12-29 04:25

0 Adam I am at the part where I was given the elytra from a present and have to go visit st.Nick at the church, the only problem with that is I can't find the church! Please help me =D

2016-12-28 19:49

+1 Zakintos I can't click on the blue present what to do ?

2016-12-28 15:33

+1 BhunaBoy Quoting KaoKraftYT:
I'm at the part where I have to collect all the presents to find the wizard but I can't collect the presents by left or right clicking. can someone plz help me?

You were automatically given the presents! :)

2016-12-28 11:00

+1 KaoKraftYT I'm at the part where I have to collect all the presents to find the wizard but I can't collect the presents by left or right clicking. can someone plz help me?

2016-12-27 21:47

0 two number 9s i cant enter the red portal pls help

2016-12-27 16:39

0 Barbariangirl The click on the blue gift does not work?

2016-12-27 15:17

0 BhunaBoy Quoting flatstanley:

Thanks! I am in the process of making a similar map to this with voice acting and characters, but it will be a lot longer and polished because this map was made in 2 weeks in time for xmas. If you want to check out some other maps, check out wreath layer, last year's xmas map and Lord of cliff manor, a challenge map built entirely in survival.

2016-12-27 11:08

0 BhunaBoy Quoting __Conquest__:
Beautiful map! Loved the voice acting, although I would highly suggest checking your coding. I was trying to get into St. Nick's castle when I was instantly teleported to the time with Zen. The story then skipped around A LOT! It has a wonderful story and characters though. Just check the coding once more :)

That is just strange. The only possible way to get into the Zen zone is to step into the red portal. This is controlled by red wool blocks two blocks under your feet. I think I know the problem, were you jumping around above the church on the red and orange covers above the church, if so I'll swap them out for cyan. If there were any more problems tell me the specifics, I would appreciate it. :)

2016-12-27 11:05

-1 BhunaBoy Quoting Equilibrium:
Great concept but the voice dialog stopped after meeting the wizard. ? i do love the voice acting very much! I wish i saw more of that in other created download content. Wish my story line didn't fizzle out! D=

Did you have an average render distance setting? Higher than 8?

2016-12-27 10:56


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