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Payday: The Minecraft Heist

Created by Xander369

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Map Info:
This adventure map is based on the game Payday: The Heist. It features 3 playable heists and 1 bonus level, which should take 1-2 hours depending on play style. The map also includes Item shops, Custom mobs, 23 Achievements, hidden secrets & Easter eggs, all within high quality builds.

I started this map about a year ago but had to stop due to limitations of Minecraft but thankfully we had the Redstone update (Thanks Mojang :) which allowed me to finish it within a month. I dedicate this map to the Minecraft community, My family & friends and last but not least the YouTube community.

Recommend Texture pack:
Soartex Fanver
You could use any pack but this is the one i created the map with.

Links to Payday skins Thanks algernon93 for making these cool skins:

No mods are required for this map, it runs with completely Vanilla Minecraft

Important Setting's for Servers and single player:

Make sure your on at least easy: Map will tell you if your not.
CommandBlockOutput - false
doMobSpawning - false
doTileDrops - false
keepInventory - true
mobGriefing - false

The Heists

- Diamond Heist: Which includes. 50-50 chance of vault opening without setting off alarm, The big red vault which has the pressure sensitive floor & custom mobs.

- First World Bank: Which includes. Bank guards which wont attack unless provoked, The hidden vault featured in the real game which the Achievement Over-drill.

- Green Bridge: Which includes. Destruction of bridge, Custom trades & mobs.

- Bonus Level: Which includes. Custom Note block songs & a party! :).

Achievement List: The names of the Achievements will help you find them:

  • Midnight snack
  • Button Pusher!
  • Well that's convenient
  • Reuse Reduce Recycle
  • Following Orders
  • Suit Up
  • Time for an upgrade...
  • Someone will reinstall it
  • Leap of faith
  • apple user
  • construction worker?
  • Big Game Hunter
  • On a beach earning 20%
  • The B-Team coming to get ya!
  • White Collar Crime
  • OverKill!!!
  • Payday....
  • What Jaffa Cake?
  • Modern Art
  • Holy S&*%t
  • Sniper Challenge
  • One Last Job
  • Mmmmm Pepperoni

Programs Used:

Chunky - Thanks to nrub. Makes it look spectacular
McEdit - Thanks to the creators for making such a great program.
NoteBlockStudio - Thanks to Davve, Made my life so much easier.
SethBlingsMcEdit Filters - Thanks for being you Seth :)
NBT Edit - Thanks to copyboy That program saved me.
TooManyItems - Thanks Marglyph Been using this program since it started :)

If you find Any bugs please leave a comment so i can fix em. Thanks!

1: Fixed Game breaking bug in elevator of diamond heist.
2: Added a walkthrough.
3: Added Q/A to issues.
4: Fixed Achievement Playing more than once.
5: Added a new hint.

Map Details

Creator: Xander369
(132 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.6.4
Size: 12 MB
Added: 2013-08-05
Downloads: 262,012
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Yay Really good map, I loved!

2019-06-30 18:56

Quote Report
+1 MatthewDabz Quoting GGamingGeorge:
can i play in newer version?

No it will break the game... I learned that the hard way

2018-06-07 21:05

Quote Report
+1 lolol This map is AWESOME. Definetely the best adventure map I have ever played. There were a few errors and glitches in the map a few times and i had to cheat to get out of them but overall great map! 9/10

2018-04-09 11:27

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+1 GGamingGeorge can i play in newer version?

2017-12-24 13:17

Quote Report
0 Shadowinferno I tried relaunching minecraft but i dont hear any sounds checked sounds in the bottom right checked sounds in minecraft tried switching recoursepacks but still doesnt work PLEASE help

2017-11-29 15:54

Quote Report
0 hi friend Quoting piggy:
I tried this with Aternos :/ Doesn't work

so did I

2017-11-12 01:36

Quote Report
0 AnonymousButDanker Quoting ???:
Where is the bank manager in the second heist????? I cant find him.

he is one of the zombie pigmen downstairs

2017-07-24 11:05

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-3 GOldGOrilla You have to type /gamerule DoMobGriefing false

2017-07-04 17:29

Quote Report
+4 Krampus1121 Quoting itsyoboiskinipeepee:
how do i set the commands? i got to chat log and type like /mobgriefing - false it says its unkown please help!

You need to do just '/gamerule mobGriefing false', and so on, and so forth. Hope this helps!

2017-07-02 21:08

Quote Report
-4 itsyoboiskinipeepee how do i set the commands? i got to chat log and type like /mobgriefing - false it says its unkown please help!

2017-06-27 22:54

Quote Report
+1 Cookielord100 I keep trying to re-install it but it does not show on 1.6.4 single player

2017-06-12 02:54

Quote Report
+2 ??? Where is the bank manager in the second heist????? I cant find him.

2017-05-20 13:59

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+1 piggy I tried this with Aternos :/ Doesn't work

2017-03-20 03:12

Quote Report
0 Bacon Quoting Eve:
I started without a note too

Are you playing in the correct version? If your playing in a version above 1.6.4 it can damage or corrupt the map because of when it was created and how the code was built up at the time. If you are playing in an incorrect version please reinstall the map and play on 1.6.4 if you are on the correct version then I would still recommend reinstalling the map because this map is still very old and has not been updated for years. (2013 time)

2017-02-17 08:40

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0 Eve Quoting Riley 1004:
I think I found a bug... I started without a note and don't know where to get one? And also there are no paintings anywhere I can see

I started without a note too

2017-02-04 06:12

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+1 Best map ever Amazing map ! *thumbs up

2017-01-26 11:26

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-4 DDevil_1 at the green bridge mission when Bain was giving instructions i didn't get the book of instructions is this a glitch plz lemme know or paste a list of the instructions he gives because my chat is too spammed to read them and also after i found the modern arts achievement i got on the roof of the boat there was a book and it said "modern arts hides secrets" is that why i didnt get the book? what does it mean?

2016-10-27 18:54

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+3 Huiiii 10/10
would play again.

2016-03-30 17:48

Quote Report
+13 Riley 1004 I think I found a bug... I started without a note and don't know where to get one? And also there are no paintings anywhere I can see

2016-03-25 02:22

Quote Report
+3 Great This is the best map ever

2016-01-21 20:36

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+1 toady for the first payments near the start of the game, how much is the payment?
i didnt get it

2016-01-18 05:27

Quote Report
+1 some guy If anyone does not receive the note at the start of the game, just take one of the item frames from the elevator and use that instead. I had that problem and that is how I fixed it. It does not break the map or mess anything up

2016-01-14 23:46

Quote Report
+29 Person I'm having trouble receiving things like when I was suppose to get a note when the map first starts, I got nothing and when I'm suppose to get my payment still nothing.

2015-06-20 00:06

Quote Report
+1 Ultrarainbow This is my favorite mine craft map and always will be why you ask because of these reasons 1. its made in a very old mine craft version made 1 and a half years ago 2. it has no lag (not for me anyway) and finally has an awesome experience you will never forget 98/100

2015-04-26 10:45

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+5 Decoratorflea91 Is there going to be a 1.8 version of the map?

2015-01-19 19:10

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+2 ChickenGamerHD The Best map i ever played at first i didnt know how to download it then i figured it out But great Job Xander Also if thats ur REAL Name Thats also my name Not spelt "Zander" Its spelt "xander" xD Can't beleive you could do this Wish i could xD

2014-12-29 03:49

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+7 monkeyboy027 Brilliant map

First time going out of the safehouse for the first heist i gliched out of elevator and had to find way back to it and it did it again when i was going down to jump out of the building

Plus I crashed when trading with vilager on the last heist
But appart from that great game 10/10

And Going to play 2nd game now


2014-09-25 14:30

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+6 Awesomecraftx whenever I go to the villager trade menu it crashed but very great redstone

2014-08-24 12:59

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+10 Rui Great map!
And the disco music, WOW! I never saw such an amazing epic huge redstone machine *_*

2014-07-29 22:33

Quote Report
+8 imtheherobrine12 when i trade the prisoner for the codes in the bridge heist, my game crashed. so i go to creative, break the ''FINISH HEIST'' button, then activate the command block that teleport me back to safehouse (that's mean i'm cheating) ;)

2014-05-29 14:35

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