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Grimlock Hollow

Created by 1Salai

(18 votes)

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Map Info:
You have crashed on the shore of what you think is a small island. In the distance you can see fire or light from what you hope is people. What will you find in this place?

- 2 main quest lines.
- Over 5 hours of game play on each quest line.
- Custom world.
- Detailed story line.
- Custom caves.
- No parkour.
- 1 boss fight.
- Perfect for 1 or more players!

The rules are simple: Feel free to destroy anything. Pieces to the story are hidden within many spaces afraid to see light. Any block on any of the 5 islands are available for play & part of the map, anything else is not.

More images: http://imgur.com/a/EufEa

Cinematic: http://youtu.be/8sEoRX9YN4g

Made for Minecraft 1.5.2

Grimlock Hollow

Creator: 1Salai
Map Category: Adventure Maps
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.5.2
File Size: 121 MB
Date Added: 2013-06-29
Downloads: 118,597


+3 JammieDonut Best map i ever played in my life good job !

2015-05-13 14:53

+1 Alec Probably the best map i have played in a very long time

2015-05-09 15:58

+19 HerobrinesHere22 amazing map, just finished playing :) i love the mix of survival and adventure.

2014-05-31 01:12

+5 hxgagd Awesome map!

2014-01-08 21:04

+33 holly great map i love it it is so much fun

2013-10-27 15:12

-17 Endershroomer There are big holes with water in the gazebo and around the village.

2013-10-10 08:20

+19 lostminer This map is amazing

2013-09-21 14:17

+3 MePlayingAwesomeMaps This is very nice map so far! LOL! I found the secret sign there lol :D Good job.

2013-08-23 15:00

+4 Ryan Nice map can't wait to see what you make next

2013-08-06 06:48

+12 Kinveru Pretty fun so far, except for the fact that my map has two giant holes filled with water in the middle of the village. T.T

2013-08-04 03:09

-11 EazyMichael Very nice map :) Mining under the starting point was a surprise. Tried to see how far the wool would get. Still mining as I typing this xD.

2013-07-28 18:44

+8 roboboboy Is it normal that the whole town is burned?

2013-07-16 16:56

+2 Caedere Looking for some excellent work here! Don't let me down! I want a solid 10 hours of gameplay before I can call this thing a masterpiece!

2013-07-11 02:24

+44 UnorthodoxDusky Hey there! Today my friends and I were looking through some maps that we could play. We spotted this, and decided it looked awesome. Three of us playing this evening are from Northampton, so we laughed so hard when we saw the University of Northampton bit! We're enjoying the map so far, and we hope we can give a proper review after we've finished it.

2013-07-09 21:09

+15 turkeysandwich13 im gonna try it because it looks AWESOME,nice work

2013-07-08 23:53

+16 FantasyWriter655 Woah, that's about 10 hours if you don't cheat. Can't wait!

2013-07-08 18:05

+7 TheGuildOfTheGamer hey im on youtube and i am making a leets play of this map you deserve so much credit

2013-07-08 16:42

+1 1gamer13 THIS LOOKS GREAT, I'm going to make an LP of this!

2013-07-08 16:40

+3 1Salai Quoting banana:
needs markers to help you find your way to places

I could see that. I tried to make it very open and am finding some players really want a linear path. My next map will be more closed and controlled.

2013-07-06 21:35

+10 1Salai Quoting PeeKev:
OK, i have the text in german, where shall i send it? Please tell me


Please send to gamer.sa1ai & let me know how to credit you

2013-07-06 21:33


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