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Epica Avventura

Created by Reather

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Map Info:
This map was designed to allow players to experience a normal adventure map and learn a bit of Italian too. You play as a famous adventurer (or one of his companions) as you travel through Italy attempting to find the Lost Diamond of Queen Margherita.

This map includes most elements of an adventure map (parkour, fighting etc) as well as different languages (but don't panic translations are included). Command Blocks are used often in this map so if you are playing multi-player be sure to have them activated.

Map Details

Creator: Reather
(10 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 3 MB
Added: 2013-03-03
Downloads: 49,111
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Lilith I don't know in which part of Italy you've been but you missed some nice things as well as 'parks'. A ice map, though it could've been longer and without /that/ many mobs. Also it's 'GRAZIE' with only one Z.

2014-02-28 15:38

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+2 N1njacat176 Quoting Rusenginewins:
Great map, played it and it was super. Also recorded the play through. I can send you the link to it after I upload the video.

I really liked your playthrough, and awesome map overal!

2013-11-24 18:56

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-2 LordSwaggington Very, very, very, short. Bad map over all.

2013-09-07 16:05

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+1 KAT Most of the Italian phrases/ word were wrong.. even though it is my native language i was somewhat lost

2013-08-29 17:38

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+1 Dragonpirate This was a nice little map, but I experienced a few issues:

- Too many mobs. There were so many mobs spawning in the room just before the boss that I couldn't even walk past them, and I had to switch over to creative mode to get around them.

- Secret room. I ran into a secret room at one point and every time I tried to leave it would just teleport me back into it.

Overall a very fun and original map though, but I think that it does require some fixes.

2013-08-26 02:30

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0 Dragonpirate Quoting fran:
i liked the map but there were too many mobs, i had to cheat in some parts.

Unfortunately, I had to cheat as well because of the mob spawning.

2013-08-26 02:25

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-2 fran i liked the map but there were too many mobs, i had to cheat in some parts.

2013-07-10 23:03

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-5 FantasyWriter655 That was a fun short map.

2013-07-08 02:41

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-2 Nick Hah! Love this map! Very short, but it was great! Awesome ending :)

2013-06-28 17:30

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+4 crafter253 Great map funny ending liked it you should make more maps

2013-04-15 21:48

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+2 FoxGamer22 Awesome !

But a bit short. You should make more maps like that !!!

2013-04-13 17:16

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-1 Duclos I really liked the map, but I thought you would go throughout Italy and completing different missions. Also there were too many mobs. Overall, it was very fun, but a little too short.

2013-04-11 01:53

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-8 Darkvirus135 I liked the map but there were too many monsters after the creeper parkour. Also, there was no point in grabbing the items from the houses. Last thing, you should not be under pressure when selecting if you like or don't like the map. I was overrun by spiders when I accidentally selected that I don't like it.

2013-04-01 23:01

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-8 Yonto2 I played it and the story was good, but you kind of need to lay off on the monsters. I had to go into creative a few times but pretty good!

2013-04-01 16:39

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-7 OrangeYetti Great map! I'm learning Spanish at the moment so it was interesting to see how similar the languages are. It also helped with the puzzles where you had to know/guess numbers. xD
I didn't have to guess. :3

2013-03-28 05:51

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-5 Jhonnioloko I really liked learning Italian in this map. Still, it was a pretty short map. Anyways, it was fun.

2013-03-21 20:56

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-6 Alexvar There are many mistakes in the Italian signs

2013-03-21 16:57

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-6 Sharky And The Bear This map was short and sweet, and pretty damn funny. Also, Sharky and the Bear were here. Tell your friends.


2013-03-21 13:05

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-1 awesomeperson678 Short but good :D Nice job!

2013-03-19 02:48

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-7 Euthera Team Hey man loved the map! My friend and I recorded a let's play for it! go check it out!


2013-03-17 23:22

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+4 Slender Epic Map, keep making more!

2013-03-14 10:04

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-1 The_Guy Enjoyed the map however i got stuck in a spawn loop after i found the secret room, i would press the button to get out then would respawn almost instantly back in the secret room. Not sure if this is a glitch or i'm doing something wrong

2013-03-14 01:07

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-1 mikem916 awesome map man, make another one, a sequel

2013-03-13 23:43

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-1 Anonymous I downloaded it and it was totally great,I don't mind that it's short :) Thank You for this great map :)

2013-03-12 15:18

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+3 Reather Thanks to all who played the map, received over 7000 downloads in a week (more than 1000 a day) more will be on their way soon.

2013-03-11 18:30

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-3 Minecraftia Good map really fun but kind of short but overall great map

2013-03-11 18:09

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-2 Rusneginewins The play through is up. Really liked the map. Who wants to watch it click the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV1AWGhFl-Q

2013-03-11 00:22

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-10 Pie dude Yeah. at the painting I switched to creative and broke the obsidian and found redstone circuits. What was suppose to happen?

2013-03-09 22:49

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+5 MiriMonkey Good! Could i just say (i'm italian) in italian you say Spada di Ferro, not Ferro Spada but it's ok i liked it anyway :D

2013-03-09 11:18

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-8 idk good but not enough time to read the sign and get arrows at boss battle

2013-03-08 20:23

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