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Minecraft Maps for 1.13

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.13 (Java Edition). 1.13.1 & 1.13.2 maps are also included.

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Adventure | Parkour | Survival | Puzzle | Finding | Horror | CTM | Maze | PvP | Mini-Game

Escape the Void is a challenging puzzle map where you wake up in a strange world made of void, connected through 9 levels. Each level goes up in complexity. Will you be able to escape? Can you figure out who placed you in this mysterious world? Download this map to find out.

Protect your headquarters and fend off demonetization coins!

Personalized map inspired by the SkyBlock, but with substantial differences.

Find The Hidden Button In KilLo's Find The Button!

A twist on "What Doesn't Belong" maps. In each level you will have to pair up 2 items. To do so, you will need to find a secret correlation between them. How well do you know Minecraft trivia?

Your plane ride came to a sudden end after you wake up to a crash. You fall into the ocean and find an island in the distance. You’re alone.

Given a sequence of blocks/items/mobs/ect, your task is to figure out what comes next in the sequence.

Welcome to the Maze! In this map, you wake up in a square, grassy area called the Glade. The Glade is surrounded by a large and complicated maze. You must travel out into the maze and attempt to find a way out.

Based on Trevor's "Which Doesn't Belong" and IGrantastic's "What Belongs", this map features 100 levels in five different sections that will test your Minecraft knowledge.

Inspired by the maps "Which doesn't belong" and "Odd One Out", both played by the Youtuber Captain Sparklez making it a new trend! The goal of the map is to find which of the blocks presented in front of you are the odd ones.

Hello! This is my brand new unfair map! Can you finish it? Try!

Parkour map but you can't Sneak. If you sneak you will back to last spawnpoint it's very easy map... maybe ;) Can you complete it or will you fail? Find out!

Made for 2 players only. Build Battle 2.0 offers you the same enjoyment as normal Build-Battle. But now, you can say goodbye to external timers... it's all automated here!

Up to 8 players fight with their own unique weapons and skills. Can you be the winner?

A What Doesn't Belong style puzzle journey that features 3 Difficulties, Status counter, and up to 50 stages with factual trivia.

In this challenge map, you go through a series of parkour courses, but there aren't ANY checkpoints. Race to the top of the tower in as little time as possible, without losing your mind!

Which choice fits in best with the top row? Find out in What Fits In! Features 20 levels with varying difficulties.

'Spot It' is a minigame map consisting of 2 people playing: The Spotter and the Difference. After 2 players pick a role each, the game can be started. The Difference can hide a block that the Spotter will have to find after seeing a template of the map that was previously selected.

Either survive your friends or kill them in an intense battle between Survivors and a Killer. Buy perks and items to help you repair generators, open the doors, and escape the torturous environment you are forced into. Or you can use those perks and items to wipe out the survivors before they have an escape at freedom.

A 5 section puzzle map following the style of Trevor's popular map "Which Doesn't Belong", with its own twist.