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Minecraft Maps for 1.13

These maps were made for Minecraft 1.13 (Java Edition). 1.13.1 & 1.13.2 maps are also included.

This map is an Unfair styled Adventure Puzzle map. The map resets when you die and doesn't have a clear path but doesn't have as many trolls as a traditional unfair map. The map also has an objective. Your objective is to search the ocean to find the Heart of the sea and return its Prismarine Shrine.

This simple dropper map adds 4 fun action packed levels.

An easy parkour map with cutscene!

This is a map based on Logdotzip with 8 levels ranging from Drumstick (may he forever rest in peace) to The Deep End Cow House to the Logdotzip logo!

Connect four of your color in a line to win in this strategic board game!

A nine-level parkour map from the creator of "The Einstain Maze"!

This is an infinite run similar to temple run that is sure to be fun in multiplayer with kits, traps, trolls and more!

This is a physics puzzle map based on the behaviour of slimy projectiles that bounce of walls. The basic goal is to throw slimeballs at the correct angle to hit the button, but the map also includes more advanced features such as bouncy ender pearls, zero gravity cream, turrets and more!

How well do you know your vines? Are you a fan of vines? Then this is your map!

 Retro Mansion made with a mixture of dark and ordinary oak wood.

Choose Skills, Capture Points, Upgrade your Weapons & Defeat the Enemy! Fight for the middle, upgrade your weapons, select 3 out of 21 skills, choose your own playstyle and more!

Now that you have collected all 8 stars, rumors have been spreading that there is a ninth star!

Uncover the mysteries of the sea ! After your plane crashed, you enter a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean and discover a secret that has been kept there for decades. Descent into the city of Rapture and manage to see the morning light again.

A 2D parkour map!

Journey through 8 challenging, sweet-themed levels. Each level is very unique, with elytra flying to boat sledding, there is a LOT in store!

Use your new "Ray Gun“ to activate special blocks and beat unique parkour levels in 5 different worlds.

A fun underwater multiplayer racing game that uses the new 1.13 swimming mechanics to enhance the gameplay.

Shadow Runner is a 20-minute singleplayer puzzle map in which you use "Time Machines", devices that record your movements for 10 seconds, then create a shadow version of yourself that copies every move you recorded, including standing on pressure plates and such.

Like dumb ways to die, but much, MUCH harder.

A cozy little log cabin with built in a surrounding mountain area with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and an overall rustic feel.